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When will SNELL SA2020 Helmets be Available?

SNELL introduces new helmet ratings every five years.  When the SA2020 standard helmets are allowed to be sold according to the SNELL foundation guidelines (October 1, 2020), most sanctioning bodies will start phasing out the use of SA10 helmets.  For those that will be interested in getting one of the new SA2020 rated helmets, availability from manufacturers will most likely begin in October 1, 2020 and be phased in throughout 2021.   We highly recommend getting your new SA2020 helmet on order sooner rather than later to avoid possible delays.  New SA2020 helmet models should be introduced sometime in 2020 so stay tuned for new model updates.

If you would like to read more about Snell testing and standards, you can visit their website at The biggest change from SA2015 to SA2020 rating is the impact criteria for SA2020 are either the same or more stringent and the impact velocities either the same or more severe.

What happens if I am scheduled for a DE or race and my helmet is expired and I have a new helmet on backorder but will not have it in time?  During the last three rounds of helmet ratings (SA2005, 2010, 2015), many manufacturers were behind in product availability and most organizations (PCA, SCCA, NASA, etc) allowed the use of expired helmets into the new rating year for a certain period.  We do recommend contacting the registrar for the event you plan to attend and confirm if they will accept an expired helmet (they usually will as they do not want to lose registration customers …but they do have to follow their organization’s rules too).

Typically manufacturers recommend a helmet life of five years and many customers actually wear out their helmets before they expire.

Not sure of sizing?  Click here to view size charts.

If you have any questions on helmets (life of use, fit, availability, etc), feel free to contact us.



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