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COOLSHIRT Pro Air & Water System is the premier driver cooling system on the market today. Used by drivers in all levels of racing, this system delivers the ultimate in driver cooling comfort. Comes with a 13 or 19 quart cooling unit.

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The COOLSHIRT® Pro Air & Water System is the finest Driver Cooling System Available today. Used by drivers in all levels of racing, this system delivers the ultimate in driver cooling comfort. The Pro Air & Water System delivers temperature controlled cooled water to the driver’s COOLSHIRT® while providing cooled HEPA-4 filtered, blower enhanced air to the driver s helmet.

Twelve feet of double insulated water hose with automatic shutoff/quick disconnects attach the shirt to the unit, and the Dual Temperature Control Switch allows the user to regulate the flow and the temperature of water for personal comfort based on external temperature variation.

Emergency pull release standard on all racing products.

Included with your system:

  • Platinum Series Cooling Unit w/ heat exchanger & internal pump
  • 12-foot insulated water hose with quick disconnects
  • Dual Flow Temperature Control Switch for Air & Water
  • Mounting Tray with tie-down strap
  • 8-foot x 1½ diameter heavy-duty clear Helmet Air Hose
  • Blue Air Hose Connectors: 1/½ diameter
  • Blue helmet connector for Air Hose
  • 3 x 3 heavy duty clear intake air hose
  • 4 blue intake air Hose-to-Blower connector
  • HEPA-4 Micron Air Filters: 10 per package
  • Metal Screen for Air Filter
  • 235CFM Blower with 1½ Blue Filter Housing attached
  • Block Ice Container


System Specifications:

13 Quart 19 Quart
Dimensions – PSAW-12: 14 L x 9.5 W x 11 H PSAW-24: 15.5 L x 10.5 W x 13 H
Cooling Time:  3 Hours Cooling Time:  6 Hours
Dry Weight:  6 lbs. Dry Weight:  7 lbs.
Power Required
235 CFM Blower: 2.9A,
12V Water Pump: 2.0A, 12V
Power Required
235 CFM Blower: 2.9A,
12V Water Pump: 2.0A, 12V

Installation Instructions:

1) Select mounting tray location and permanently attach the tray to the racecar with any
appropriate hardware (not provided). Place cooling unit into the mounting tray.
2) Thread the tie down strap through one of the two slots provided on the cooling unit, then run the strap down through the slot on the same side of the mounting tray. Run the strap lengthwise under the cooling unit between the mounting tray and cooling unit, through the slot on the other side of the mounting tray and up through the slot in the top of the cooling unit.
3) Use the clamp provided on the strap to secure the cooling unit to the tray. The cooling unit and mounting tray were packaged this way from the factory prior to shipping to illustrate proper placement of the tie-down strap.  Note: Ensure that the 12-foot water hose and the 8-foot x 1½ air hose can reach the driver. Do not allow the hose to come into contact with any hot metals as this may damage the hose.

1) Select the cockpit location for the blower and permanently mount the blower to the
racecar using any appropriate hardware (not provided)
2) Make sure that the 3-inch air intake is pointed towards the outside of the car. Place filter and screen and fasten with a tie-wrap or clamp (not provided).

1) Select the location for the Temperature Control Switch and permanently mount the switch to the racecar using any appropriate hardware (not provided). The switch has a faceplate that allows for convenient in-dash mounting or it may be mounted at any location that is accessible by the driver
2) Wire the cooling unit and the blower to the Temperature Control Switch using appropriate lengths of wire (not provided). As the instructions provided with the switch illustrate:
Cooling Unit: brown = + (positive), black= – (negative)
Blower: yellow= + (positive), black= – (negative)
Now wire the Temperature Control Switch to the racecar s 12V system and ground properly using the instructions provided with the switch.

1) Determine the length of 3-inch hose needed to pick up outside air and cut the hose to the appropriate length.
2) Slide one end of the 3-inch hose over the intake side of the blower. If you have a NACA duct, connect the hose to the duct appropriately.
3) Attach the other end to the blower sing the 4-inch blue adaptor provided
4) Attach the 1½ Helmet Air hose to the blue adaptor already attached to the other side of the blower.
5) Determine length of 1½ inch hose needed to connect to the driver s helmet and cut the
hose to the appropriate length.
6) Attach to the helmet with the blue adaptor provided.

Operating Instructions:
1) Pour ½ gallon of water into the cooling unit. Fill the unit with block ice (preferable) or cubed ice to the top of the unit.
2) Put on the COOLSHIRT next to your skin with the tubing facing out. Put on your driver s suit and route the hoses outside of your suit via the side pocket or front zipper.
3) Connect hose to cooling unit and COOLSHIRT. Listen for an audible click -that ensures a good connection.
4) Attach helmet hose. Using FC-2 Switch, turn the unit on and select your setting

1) COOLSHIRT®: Turn the shirt inside out and wash in washing machine on the gentle cycle in warm or cold water, drip dry.
2) Add 2 ounces of Maintenance Additive (MA-16) to the cooling unit with the ice and  water each time the unit is used. This will keep the pump, hoses, and shirt lines clear of the buildup that occurs naturally in water circulation systems and will increase the performance and lifetime of the pump. Also, once per month or just before long-term storage, drain the hose and shirt a drain kit.

Extra tip!  Don’t forget a drain kit to drain your shirt and a maintenance additive to keep your water lines clean and pump lubricated!

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in

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