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Cool Shirt Black Comet Pump – Air Lock Fix


The black comet pump in the Club Systems and Pro Air & Water Systems has changed slightly from the manufacturer in mid 2016 and were susceptible to developing an air lock. If the pump develops an air lock, it will not move water and not provide cooling to the user. The root cause of this issue is no air relief port in the pump. They have developed a solution for this and have begun to implement it into all new systems going forward but here is the information just in case someone out there still has one of the pumps where the hole was not drilled to prevent the air lock issue.

Below is a link to instructions on how to fix this issue. It needs minimum tools and takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. The tools needed are a flat head screw driver, a drill, a 1/16” drill bit and a 1/8” drill bit.

If you are experiencing the below issues, this should solve the problem and get the system back to running properly.

– Pump runs but no water is being pumped.

– System provides cooling while on the grid or stationary but not when in motion going around track.

Please see the Tech Bulletin below:

Black Comet Pump Tech Bulletin

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